1960: In a land far away
It started back home, miles away from here.

1960-1966: The flame
Our uncle, passionate about modern innovations went far to purchase a printing machine all the way from Germany. He started his independent company and called it ‘Shu’la’, which stands for a flame that would soon spread into something bigger.

1972: A contemporary approach
The people were introduced and taught the ways of using a new innovative technology and this company was the first of its type in the region. ‘Shu’la’ became ‘Banadir Print’ and a new era was about to begin.

1981: The thrive
Banadir Prints thrived and became the biggest printing company in the capital, and managed to make a name widening its horizons and reaching more people every day.

2005: Starting fresh
25 years after settling in the UK, we dreamed of continuing our uncle’s legacy while started out own journey. My beloved father acquired a building on Bordesley Green Road, which would become the first base of ‘Baba Ali’

2007: Growth
In 2 years, Baba Ali had already become a trustworthy independent printing company, known for its efficient and exemplary service. We grew our dreams and created new goals, moving to a larger location within Bordesley Green and catering to the growing demand of the community we are proud to be part of.

2008: Levelling up
Business was growing so we levelled up all our existing services and offered new ones. Investing in vinyl machines, the latest Xerox printers that allowed us to offer more services that can aid any growing business. From leaflets and professional cards to banners and signs; we were and still are a dependable business that can help you reach your goals.

2010: A new home
It was time to say goodbye and simultaneously say hello to a new beginning. Previously a pub, we acquired a property on Whitmore Road and shaped it up to serve our needs and the community’s. At this point, Baba Ali had become well known in Birmingham and he West Midlands.

2012: Connections
Despite being new in our current location, ‘Baba Ali’ continued to grow forming strong connections with over 3000 clients.

2016: Prosperity
For 6 years, Baba Ali Ltd. had a continuously growing portfolio reaching 5000 happy and regular customers.

2017: Growing demands
With a larger popularity, comes a larger work requirement. Baba Ali purchased a new property in Shakespeare’s Street, Sparkbook, to be the site of major printing including digital prints, large format prints and different paper materials.

2018 – Present
Till this day, we are committed to maintaining the quality standard with the same level of devotion that we began.

Our goal is to provide top quality service to our clients that is unmatched by anyone and surpasses our client’s expectations. Everyone in our company has the same level of discipline and goes above and beyond.

Modernisation was what started this company and will continue to be a strong part of it as we expand to various digital services and use the powerful tools of modern technology to reach more people and maintain the high quality of services that we promise to maintain.